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Our Story

Cool Springs Creek Farm is the fulfillment of a life-long dream for Guy and Aline following joint careers in the military and other Department of Defense enterprises.  At a point in life with all of the children leading their adult lives and making grandbabies, the suburban mortgage paid, and a desire to leave the “rat race”; we listed the house, put in notices at work, and started a farm hunting quest covering many hundreds of miles and several states.

Our journey ended in Adair County, Kentucky located in the south central region of the state in an unincorporated community called Gradyville.  Gently rolling fields along a meandering creek, abundant wildlife, welcoming neighbors, and just the right size—we found Paradise USA!  We pulled up stakes in Maryland in 2014, our home for the past 14 years, and moved to our new farm with plans to build a beef operation from scratch and begin the rest of our lives.

Believe us “from scratch” isn’t being overly dramatic!  While we both bring many years of management, logistics, and budgetary expertise to the table, we started with a clean slate in our new enterprise.  Guy had some rural experience in Louisiana as a teenager with quarter horses; but the cattle business, and especially the small business part, were new horizons for us—CSCF was on its way, come heck or high water!

Determined to do things correctly from the start, we began to network and build relationships with those who’ve gone before and surrounded ourselves with those smarter than us.  Those with more knowledge, more experience and with a reputation for honesty and unwavering integrity.  With help and good fortune we found just the right relationship thread to pull early on; one that continues to produce contacts, confidants, mentors and resources of good people.  We’ll always be grateful to our University of Kentucky Extension Agent Nick Roy who started us on our journey with the right folks and the straight skinny.  Heck, we started bugging Nick and picking his brain six months before we ever bought the farm!

After some initial wavering on the exact direction to take with the cattle, we decided to dedicate ourselves to raising registered Angus seed stock and developed a business plan to create and grow a cow-calf operation.  With the support of our new mentors we’ve started a small herd of quality mamas and are now well on our way at CSCF toward building a 20-25 head group of young breeding stock.

We’re proud of the group of mamas we’ve built.  Our start-up plan has focused on the purchase of AI bred virgin heifers with great bloodlines, phenotype and dispositions.  These heifers are from our region with a heritage of thriving in our climate on tall fescue/mixed grass pastures.  We’re now also breeding and developing our own heifers.  All of our breeding females are sired by top nationally recognized AI bulls, and possess maternal lineages from the leading cow families in the Angus registry.

We’ve dedicated a section of our webpage to introduce each of our mamas, for at CSCF we know every of one of our working girls personally.  We keep detailed records on our cattle noting origins, health, growth and reproductive history--everything.   We freely share this data with customers, because that’s the reputation we garner; one of honesty, quality and devotion to customer satisfaction.  It’s good for our cattle too!

We employ AI breeding exclusively at Cool Springs Creek Farm.  We’re convinced AI offers opportunities to produce a superior product.  We choose AI sires that complement and enhance our mamas, and those that meet the demands of our customer base--commercial operators looking for calving ease sires that produce fast-growing efficient offspring, and purebred seed stock consumers looking for quality from a trusted source.  At CSCF we will always favor quality over quantity.

Please take a look at the rest of our webpage and feel free to contact us and come visit the farm.  We’re very proud to be involved in the Angus business and grateful for the opportunity.

Guy & Aline Babin

CSCF Cattle:  Easy-keepin' Registered Angus