Heritage 3282 Index 582; AAA 18242326

DOB:  09/18/2015
Sire:  V A R Index 3282; AAA 17513381
Dam:  Heritage 616 Rito 163; AAA 14622484

One of the two newest additions to our 2015 yearling heifer group purchased at the 2016 Fall Festival GMAA Sale.  She presented an opportunity to add some additional V A R Index blood to our herd.  He brings genetics that should produce moderate frames, with depth and outstanding $Values.  She’s a very nicely put together girl with length and depth.  We don’t name our cows, but this one has come to be known as “The Love Bug” as she can’t resist a good scratch from her keeper—or his feed!

Her first calf was born 20Feb18, a 78lb HC by Quaker Hill Rampage.

CSCF First Lady Blackcap 011; AAA 18256033

DOB:  03/16/2015
Sire:  Connealy Capitalist 028; AAA 16752262
Dam:  Top End Blackcap 321; AAA 17495398

As her name implies, #11 was the very first calf born on our farm.  When we invited Jimmy Todd, the owner we bought her mama from as a bred heifer to check out the new calf, he stood there quietly for several moments in the field and finally said in his best Kentucky drawl; "Guy, it looks like you owe me more money my friend.”  The calf was born square, thick and so black she looked purple blue--just like a raven in the bright sun.  She was just as pretty a calf as you’d ever see.

She's grown into a stout young cow that weaned at 666lbs, with a YW of 1,164lbs on a 47" hip.  Today she is a two year old mama herself weighing a moderate 1,180lbs at 51”.  She’s a model of our perfect CSCF cow—medium frame, efficient easy keeping, perfect udder, great disposition and with the now proven ability to pass those traits to her progeny.

Her first calf was born spring 2017 without a hitch.  A 58lb HC that’s literally a carbon copy of her mama sired by proven cow maker S A V Bismarck 5682.   We weaned the calf this fall at 589lb (adj) and was sold at the spring 1017 GMAA sale.  Her 2nd calf was born 02Sep18, a 68lb BC by Deer Valley Old Hickory.

MCA Total 10X 3911; AAA +17852505

DOB:  09/02/2013
Sire:  A A R Ten X 7008 S A; AAA 15719841
Dam:  MCA Total Direction 081; AAA 16981747

We are very fortunate to have this great cow in our brood herd.  A lovely Ten X daughter with maternal blood that traces directly to the legendary Pathfinder Dam G A R Scotch Cap 867 of the McHenery Blackcap family, she’s a feminine, yet big-boned girl weighing 1,465 lbs on a 54” hip.  We bought her at a GMAA sale as a maiden bred ET heifer out of the Middle Creek Angus operation.

Her first calf is a December 2015 HC sired by V A R Index 3283 that weaned at 854 lbs.  We liked her so much we’ve added her to our brood herd--her bio appears further below.  Her second calf is a strapping Hoover Dam son born the fall of 2017 that sold private treaty to a local large commercial producer.

She's safe to Werner Flat Top 4136 and due 02Nov18.

Walnut Forever Lady 320; AAA 17847011

DOB:  08/17/2013
Sire:  C R A Bextor 872 5205 608; AAA 13009379
Dam:  D/D Forever Lady 4087; AAA 14725911

This medium-framed mama was purchased at the 2015 Great Meadows Angus Association Spring Sale at Heritage Farm as a maiden bred heifer.  Her maternal side is laced with Angus royalty stemming back to Forever Lady 163 GDAR whose head mount is a permanent fixture in the American Angus Hall of Fame.  Her sire, C R A Bextor is the sire of G A R Prophet, a breed-leading sire for calving-ease, maternal strength and carcass merit.

She’s produced three excellent bull calves for us:  her first, a fall 2015 G A R Composure calf; the second a fall 2016 Deer Valley All In BC; and most recently, a handsome 95 lb Quaker Hill Rampage BC.  A great producer, she has a calving interval of 371 days on her first three natural births.  She’s a great mamma and we’re proud to call her ours.  She is safe to
EXAR Denver 2002B due 26Nov18.

Cool Springs Creek Farm Working Girls:


Reference- Certain data and excerpts are reproduced with permission from “American Legends, Special Edition Set Volumes I & II” by Tom Burke, Kurt Schaff and Jeremy Haag.

C M F 82X Forever Lady 146B; AAA 18050820

DOB:  09/26/2014
Sire:   Sitz Lightning, AAA 17176063
Dam:  CMF 476N Forever Lady 82X; AAA 17319668

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E C A Miss Traveler 144; AAA 17766546

DOB:  10/26/2013
Sire:  S A V 8180 Traveler 004; AAA 13512009
Dam:  E C A Right Time Lady 860; AAA 15677298

This mama comes from our friend JM Shelley’s Elk Creek Angus herd.  She represents the crux of JM’s passion for outstanding vintage bloodlines.  Her grand, and great-grand parental generations are chock full of All Stars including:  American Angus Hall of Fame dams Sitz Everelda Entense 1137 and S V F Forever Lady 57D; also included is Leachman Erica 0025 the famous dam of Leachman Right Time.  The fourth maternal leg of her pedigree traces back to Rally Tibbie 5049 regarded as the all-time greatest Tibbie (Rally) family cow.

Purchased at the 2016 Central Kentucky Angus Association Annual Winter Sale, Miss Traveler is a big girl weighing 1,545lbs with a 54” hip height.  Her size does not detract from her feminine loveliness one bit and creates an optimum framework for making pretty babies of any size.

Her first calf sold separately at the sale, a really nice square bodied HC sired by Sandpoint Butkus X797.  Her 2nd, a HC bred here sired by Connealy Capitalist 028 weaned at 629lbs and sold at the spring 2018 GMAA sale.  She had her 3rd calf 28Aug18, a beautiful 73lb Deer Valley Old Hickory HC.

Heritage 0A36 Rampage 5101; AAA 18238264

DOB:  10/09/2015
Sire:  Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36; AAA 16925771
Dam:  Heritage C C & 7 049; AAA 16892008

#180 is the second of the yearling heifer pair we purchased at the GMAA sale from Tom McGinnis’s Heritage Farm operation.  Her Quaker Hill Rampage sire caught the eye on paper as we wanted to include his presence in our brood herd.  That, and the SydGen genetics on her bottom side, caused us to mark the catalog for a good look-see.

We weren’t disappointed when we saw her in the pen.  This girl is really nice and there was quite of bit of bidding competition when her number was called in the sale ring.  She has a wonderful set of i50K genomics across the board with only one trait below the median.  Her $Index values range from the 1 to the 25 percentiles--she's genetically wired to produce.

Her 1st calf was born 28Feb, a 75lb BC by V A R Reserve 1111.

Cliffsides Ms Rita 5251; AAA 18207905

DOB:  02/22/2015
Sire:  Connealy Black Granite; AAA 17028963
Dam:  Banner Rita A120; AAA 17591596

Purchased from the 2016 Cliffside Farms Cow Herd Reduction Sale as an open yearling heifer, this girl was bred by Charles Banner out of College Grove, TN.  Sired by Black Granite, we were motivated to add his genetics to our herd mix, and we liked the influence of S A V Final Answer, Sitz Upward, and Sitz Traveler 8180 coupled with her Banner Rita maternal blood.

We choose to breed her to G A R Prophet and delivered spring 2017 with a strapping 93lb BC that is simply a delight to behold.  A big stout boy, he weaned at 738 lbs (actual) on a 48” hip one day short of seven months old.  He netted 645 lbs between birth and weaning yielding a daily gain of 3.07 lbs on nothing but mama’s milk and Kentucky 31 tall fescue.  CSCF Replicator 131, AAA 18931360 is gonna be something special one day with great i50K numbers and already the look of a top herd bull.  He's consigned to the fall 2018 GMAA sale.  ​We're proud of him, but really proud of his mama!  Her second calf was born 29Sep18, a full sister to her G A R Prophet brother - it's hard to argue with success!

Top End Blackcap 321; AAA 17495398

DOB:  02/04/2013
Sire:  Mytty In Focus; AAA 13880818
Dam:  TCF Blackcap 7070; AAA 15750378

 We bought this lovely girl at the fall 2014 GMAA sale as a bred heifer from our friend Jimmy Todd’s Caney Creek Angus herd.  Boy we’re glad we did!  A member of the McHenery Blackcap family, she’s a direct descendant to G A R Precision 706 who’s featured in the American Angus Hall of Fame.

She is just what one would expect based on her bloodline--a medium-framed great mama with a calm trusting personality.  She’s produced three outstanding heifer calves for us—thick, beefy and all ink-jet black.

Her first calf, CSCF First Lady Blackcap 011; AAA 18256033 (March 2015) sired by Connealy Capitalist 028 was added to our brood herd.  Her second calf, also by Capitalist, was born almost exactly a year later and sold at the Spring 2017 GMAA sale.  We’re in the midst of transitioning our herd to an exclusively fall calving program, so her third calf was born during the fall of 2017; yet another lovely HC, this time sired by Hoover Dam.

She's safe to the exciting new Select Sires stud S A V Rainfall 6846 (18578963) due 05DEC18 .  He’s a 2016 son of Coleman Charlo 0256 out of S A V Blackcap May 4136.  We like to mix in a couple of new young AI sires here on CSCF, especially those with great maternal genetics in the hopes of getting in on the leading edge of a new superstar.

Black Gold Rita 352; AAA +17867451

DOB:  09/07/2013
Sire:  EXAR Upshot 0562B; AAA 16541214
Dam:  G A R Retail Product H536; AAA 15591841

Purchased at the Black Gold Genetics Female Production Sale, #120 entered the sale ring as a bred cow accompanied by her first calf offered as buyer’s choice.  The calf, a beautiful weaning-age G A R Prophet daughter was our primary focus that day.  When asked by the auctioneer after winning the bid which we wanted, we didn’t hesitate to take both, as any cow that can produce that kind of calf was the kind of cow we had to have.

Bred by Missing S Angus out of Illinois, #120 has an impressive bloodline.  On her bottom side is G A R Precision 810 with $2.5 million in progeny sales including her grand dam G A R 1407 New Design 1942.  Her sire was in the top-five for AAA registrations during 2015 and is all about phenotype, carcass, and $ Indexes combined with great CED, WW, YW, DOC, and HP numbers.

We added her 2015 G A R Prophet daughter to our brood herd.  Her second calf was born fall 2016, a nice Quaker Hill Rampage daughter that was proudly sold to Tom McGinnis’ Heritage Farm program at the 2017 fall GMAA sale.  Her 3rd, a HC by Connealy Capitalist 028 that's consigned to the fall 2018 GMAA.  She had her 4th calf right on schedule 04Oct18, a 61lb HC by Connealy Black Granite.

A baby makin’ machine, #120 is a pathfinder in the making with a calving interval of just 369 days on her first four calves.  We like Black Gold Rita allot, so do most who visit—they want to know; “Who’s that one?”

E C A Lady Confidence 130; AAA 17571074

DOB:  05/06/2013
Sire:  Connealy Confidence 0100; AAA 16761479
Dam:  Miss E C A Bar Ext 838; AAA 15454429

This large-framed girl was bought at the Fall 2014 GMAA sale as rookie and very nervous first-time bidders!   She’s from our friend and mentor JM Shelley’s Elk Creek Angus operation in Columbia, KY.  A double calving ease specialist, she stems back to the Rally Tibbie family and has produced three outstanding spring bull calves for us.  All of her calves are born small and easy, but they grow like crazy from day one.

Her first calf CSCF Scion 021, AAA 18256034 sold at the 2016 GMAA Fall Festival Sale.  He’s a spring 2015 G A R Prophet son, and sold in the top three out a field of over 30 very nice bulls.  We were jazzed to say the least!  Her second calf, a nice long bodied May 2016 Deer Valley All In son sold private treaty from our farm at the tender age of just 10 months.  The third calf sired by V A R Reserve 1111 was born the fall of 2017. 
We welcomed her 4th calf on 14 Sep 18 - a healthy BC by J M B Traction.  

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SydGen MO Blackbird GA 4842;  AAA 18160226

DOB:  09/04/2014
Sire:  G A R Prophet; AAA 16295688
Dam:  SydGen Blackbird GA 051;  AAA 15297249

​Purchased at the 2017 Spring Black Gold Genetics sale, this mama was presented with a very nice weaning age BC at her side (sold separately) and bred back to EXAR Denver H 5511.  She is big boned with some frame--without too much.  We like to mix in this phenotype as it presents a great structure for customized breeding.  Her bloodlines are deep in quality, and her ultrasound numbers and EPDs are right where you'd want them to be—and we really like G A R Prophet, he’s been really good to Cool Springs Creek Farm!

Her 2017 GAR Confidence H 2729 calf was born in November day unassisted.

Boyd Blackcap 4162; AAA 18102002

DOB:  09/25/2014
Sire:  V A R Reserve 1111; AAA 16916944
Dam:  G A R 1I2 Rito S 6086; AAA 15666176

This mama was purchased at the 2016 Boyd Beef Cattle Elite Angus Female Sale in Mays Lick, KY.  Presented as a bred heifer due within a month to Connealy Black Granite, she provided an opportunity to add V A R Reserve blood to our brood, and the Black Granite calf would offer opportunities for resale or retention.

150 is “all girl” with a feminine head and neck on a moderate frame, but with depth and structural width for makin’ babies.  Her udder is simply perfect—absolutely level with great tight teats.  She had a nice 65lb BC right on schedule without assistance, and has proven herself a great mama producing lots of milk without an attitude.

Her bloodline combines the Blackcap (McHenry) cow family via G A R 004 Traveler 2328, one of the most valuable and admired cows in Angus history on her maternal side, with the maternal influence of the Blue Ribbon Blackbird cow family via Davis YR Blackbird 558H on her sire’s maternal side.  There's a ton of "blue blood" in this black cow!  She calved a 73lb HC by G A R Prophet on 19Oct18.

SRA  Queen M180; AAA 18703728

DOB:  09/14/2016
Sire:    Barstow Cash, AAA 17145326 
Dam:  Myers Queen M180; AAA16906698

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2014 Commercial Cow

DOB:  04/08/2014
Sire:  SAF 3048 Traveler W113; AAA 16585011
Dam:  Angus/Charolais

She’s the only commercial cow we still own.  Her dam is an Angus/Charolais cross; her sire, pureblood registered Angus.  A great mama, she’s often seen out in the pasture diligently overseeing a whole group of babies whilst the rest of the less concerned mamas with fancier blood lines concentrate on grazing.

Medium frame, efficient with great phenotype and a jet-black hair coat—it’s not uncommon for visitors to single her out.  #50’s first calf was a Deer Valley All In BC that we banded at birth and sold as a weanling feeder.  He grew into a really nice calf.  In hindsight, we should have left him intact and sold him as a commercial herd bull.  Ya know what they say about hindsight……..

Her second calf was born the fall of 2017 and is a very nice 58 lb HC sired by Connealy Capitalist 028.  This heifer will make a commercial cow-calf producer somewhere very happy and is consigned to the 10Nov18 Central Kentucky Angus Assn. sale in Davnville, KY.  #50 is currently safe to the popular Plattemere Weigh Up K360 son Deer Valley Old Hickory due 02Nov18.   We plan to consign #50 to a Spring 2019 sale as a bred pair with the 2018 Old Hickory weanling at her side.

Walnut Everelda Entense 402; AAA 18146856

DOB:  02/28/2014
Sire:  Mytty In Focus; AAA 13880818
Dam:  Circle J 15B Entense 8907; AAA 16153758

We love our Mytty In Focus girls and #100 is no exception.  She is very efficient on her moderate frame, is well proportioned and possesses a quiet nature.  She’s a pleasure to behold out on the pasture especially with a fat calf on her side.  Bred by Walnut Hill Farm in Turners Station, KY this is another home-grown girl who thrives on our mixed grass tall fescue pastures.  She’s in the breed’s top 1% with a CED of +19, and BW of -2.9--it just doesn’t get any better than that!

Her maternal bloodline includes Sitz Everelda Entense 1137, a record-holding multimillion dollar producer whose head mount graces the American Angus Hall of Fame.  Her sire is one of the most widely used sires in breed history and maintained top EPDs for CED, BW, SC, DOC and Marb with above average weaning, yearling and milk numbers.

Her first calf was a nice spring 2016 RB Tour of Duty HC that weaned at 548 lbs.  Transitioned to fall calving, her second calf was born the fall of 2017, a 65lb G A R Prophet BC that sold private treaty to a local large commercial producer. She’s safe to EXAR Denver 2002B due 02Nov18.


Black Gold Rita 5078; AAA 18298332

DOB:  09/10/2015

Sire:  G A R Prophet; AAA 16295688

Dam:  Black Gold Rita 352; AAA 17867451

I like to say that she was a heifer so pretty when she was a weanling that merely looking at her made ya wanna cry.  While we can't take the credit from Black Gold Genetics for breeding this girl, we can take credit for knowing quality when we see it, and for buying her mama too!  We're big on G A R Prophet here on CSCF, and keen on making a PROFIT too!  We're confident this young lady will do her part.

We bred her to Connealy Black Granite for her first baby and she came through with a great fall 2017 BC.  She’s a good mama and retaining condition as an easy keeper should.

She’s  safe to Werner Flat Top 4136, a new young stud by Black Granite with a very impressive EPD profile and bloodlines graced by proven maternal excellence stemming from C R A Bextor 872 5205 608 and the Forever Lady 163 family.  Due 02Nov18.

Boyd Forever Lady 5162; AAA +18391439

DOB:  10/10/2015
Sire:  A A R Ten X 7008 S A; AAA 157199841
Dam:  Boyd Forever Lady 912; AAA 16590094

This yearling heifer was also bought at the Boyd Beef Cattle sale—she was just too nice to pass on, and besides, ‘ya can never buy just one--and why would you?  A Ten X daughter mixed with Boyd Forever Lady blood stemming from the American Angus Hall of Fame dam S V F Forever Lady 57D, this is the good stuff.  She’s a long drink of water that is well proportioned and balanced.

We chose to breed her to G A R Prophet and she delivered a 54 lb BC right on time, just like the good girl she is.   Her second calf was born 04Sep18, a 72lb BC by Connealy Capitalist 028.

CSCF Cattle:  Easy-keepin' Registered Angus

Heritage Eisa Erica 47; AAA 18371478

DOB:  09/18/2015
Sire:  Connealy Black Granite; AAA 17028963
Dam:  Hedgewood Eisa Erica 383; AAA 17981064

#140 came to us via the 2016 CKAA Annual Ladies Day Sale as we continued our 2016 emphasis on purchasing yearling fall heifers ready to breed.  There she was, Lot 5 standing there in the pen attracting huge attention—she’s a looker for sure!  From Tom McGinnis’ Heritage Farm in Shelbyville, KY, we were anxious to add her to our line-up.

Another splash of popular Black Granite blood in our herd was attractive as was her Circle S Eisa Erica 6073 maternal ancestry.  We AI’d her to PA Power Tool and she delivered a fine 78 lb 2017 fall BC.  She gave birth to her 2nd calf 03Sep18, a lovely 81lb HC by Connealy Capitalist 028.

CSCF Blackcap Indexed 091; AAA 18646190

DOB:  12/18/2015
Sire:  V A R Index 3282; AAA 17513381
Dam:  MCA Total 10X 3911; AAA 17852505

#91 was another beauty the very day she was born that snowy December day.  The only calf in the herd until the spring calves started to arrive the following March, she was the princess of the group of mamas and seemed to know it!  Within days she thickened up into a square hipped, wide-backed girl that you could set the supper table on--sweet tea pitcher, smashed taters 'n all.

As she's matured it’s become clear she'll be a carbon copy of her mama #90--that's great news!  She weaned at 826 lbs (no creep) on a 44" hip.  That works out to a 759 lb gain since birth, a robust 2.8 lbs a day on mamma’s milk and Kentucky 31 hay.  All of her i50K $Value EPDs are in the top 15 percentile or better.

As a December calf, we wondered what would be the best timing for her initial breeding--fall 2016, or the following spring.  In October we vet-checked her reproductive tract and pelvis geometry and happily received the thumbs-up for a fall 2016 breeding.  She had a great 63 lb Quaker Hill Rampage HC uneventfully and is holding her condition like a pro as she passes through the peak lactation period. 

Unfortunately she lost her second pregnancy by G A R Prophet --ya cant win every time I suppose.  We'll try again this fall.

SRA  Susie 6103; AAA 18676324

DOB:  09/14/2016
Sire:    S A V Recharge3436, AAA 17633838  
Dam:  SRA Susie 2005; AAA 17581719

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