CSCF Blackcap GBG 911
AAA 19162233
DOB 10/09/2017
Trusting and even-tempered Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36 daughter.    Out of a V A R Index dam sired by Ten X over a grand dam that traces directly to the legendary Pathfinder Dam G A R Scotch Cap 867 of the
McHenery Blackcap family; she delivered exactly what we were after when we chose her breeding--great Calving ease with superior Carcass and Value genetics.
 Nicely balanced and very pleasing to the eye, this heifer is destined to produce strong fast-growing calves that provide
outstanding return on investment.  Her dam weighs 1,115 lbs on a 5.5 frame; her maternal grand dam tips the scales at 1,465 lbs with a frame score 6.0.
Her dam’s first calf, she was born totally unassisted weighing 63 lbs when her mama was a young 22 months old.
 Highlighted Angus GS genomic percentiles:  CED 35%, WW 4%, YW 10%, CEM 4%, MW 25%, CW 35%, Marb 30%, RE 5%, Fat 10%.  Her $Value traits are off the charts:  $W 15%, $F 15%, $G 10%, $QG 25%, $YG 3%, $B 15%
Performance Data:  BW:  63 lbs; WW:  416 (actual, 229d); Weight on 08/2018 (10mos):  610 lbs
Vaccines (incl. Brucellosis) & worming current; PI of BVD Negative

Sells Open

Fall 2018 GMAA

Lot 24

CSCF Cattle:  Easy-keepin' Registered Angus

Fall 2018 GMAA

Lot 32

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** All CSCF seedstock cattle are guaranteed breeders.

 ** We can provide free transportation of purchased cattle within a 100-mile radius.

Fall 2018 GMAA

Lot 122

CKAA Lot (tbd)

CSCF Blackcap Missy 013
AAA 19162162
DOB 10/26/2017

Jet black, powerfull, and lovely Hoover Dam x McHenery Blackcap family cross.  Her front end is simply beautiful—clean and wide and balances well with her well-sprung core and muscled hindquarters.  Super efficient, she personifies our goal of breeding Easy Keepin’ seedstock that produce.  Easy-going and trusting, she has a temperament ideally suited for permanent addition to your brood herd.
 Her dam weighs in at 1,265 lbs with a 6.6 frame score and has produced three consecutive heifers averaging BWs of 69 lbs & WWs of 627 lbs.
 Highlighted Angus GS genomic percentiles:  CED 25%, BW 4%, Doc 45%, Milk 3%, $W 4%, $F 35%, $B 45%
Performance Data:  BW:  60 lbs; WW:  564 (actual, 212d); Weight on 08/2018 (10mos):  712 lbs
Vaccines (incl. Brucellosis) & worming current; PI of BVD Negative

Sells Open

CSCF Commercial Heifer 052

DOB 10/03/2017

Beautiful AI-sired commercial replacement heifer.  Just as nice as the best registered heifers in the breed, this Connealy Capitalist 028 daughter has well-documented origins.  Her 2013 dam is parented by SAF 3048 Traveler W113 (AAA 16585011) from the Smithland Angus operation, over a cream-colored Charolais/Angus cross dam from our friend Fred Thomas’ excellent commercial brood herd.

052’s jet-black dam often upstages many of our best purebred mamas when visitors see her in the pasture.  The dam weighs a moderate 1,235 lbs on a 51” hip (Frame Score 5.0) and has great maternal instincts.  She efficiently produces lots of milk with an excellent udder and calm demeanor.  The heifer’s sire Capitalist is one of Select Sires’ premier top-selling studs that produces calving ease progeny with mass and muscle.

Performance Data:  BW:  58 lbs, WW:  564, WH:  43”.  She gained 506 lbs since birth for a 2.39 lb average daily gain on mama’s milk and mixed grass pasture (no creep).  08/10/2018 weight:  672 lbs.

All vaccines (including two rounds of MLV & brucellosis) & worming current.  PI of BVD Negative.

Sells Open - Guaranteed breeder


We currently have five excellent 2017 fall AI-sired bulls available for private treaty sale.

  All have Angus GS Genomics.  Click on the respective buttons below and then click search to be directed to their AAA bloodlines and genomic data.

10 November 2018 Central Kentucky Angus Association Sale Consignment

CSCF Replicator 131
AAA 18931360; DOB 03/20/2017
This guy is ready to WORK—with STYLE!  His i50K genomics show he’s wired to produce hearty calves that are born easy; that grow with rapid efficiency into productive individuals.  Six of his production numbers are in the top 30% of the registry coupled with great key maternal, carcass and fabulous $Value marks.  His legs and feet are outstanding enabling smooth and agile movement.  Extremely calm and docile around feed trough and chute, he’s been hand-fed twice a day since weaning, carefully developed for this offering.
We really like G A R Prophet calves on CSCF for their calving ease, great carcass merit, efficient performance and good looks.  Replicator 131 mixes that proven legacy with the popular and highly successful Connealy Black Granite on his maternal side enhancing his ability to sire great females, and high-performance sons.
His dam’s first calf, he was born without assistance.  A strong leggy boy at birth, he weaned at 738 lbs (actual) on a 48” hip.  He netted a 645 lb gain between birth and weaning (no creep), yielding a daily average gain of 3.07 lbs on mama’s milk and Kentucky 31 mixed pasture alone.
Additional Performance Data:  Yearling Scrotal:  40cm (12mos); YW:  1,180; YH:  51”;  Frame Score:  5.6; Weight on 06/18 (15mos):  1,465 lbs
Highlighted i50K genomic percentiles:  CED 30%, WW 2%, YW 9%, SC 25%, Doc 25%, CEM 15%, Milk 20%, CW 15%, Marb 25%, $W 1%, $F 10%, $QG 20%, $B 20%Vaccines & worming current; PI of BVD Negative; Successful BSE

Fall 2018 GMAA

Lot 35

CSCF Cap Girl Rita 123
AAA 19162198
DOB 09/17/2017
Beautiful long-bodied Connealy Capitalist 028 daughter out of our Rita dam stemming to G A R Precision 810 with $2.5 million in progeny sales and grand dam G A R 1407 New Design 1942.  Cap Girl Rita 123 is the third consecutive calf produced by her mama and is a chip off the old block.  Her dam weighs 1,315 lbs with a 6.0 frame score.  The dam’s three calves were born on a
369-day interval--that’s the potential wired in this girl’s genes!
Calm and quiet, she has that feminine look that says I’m all cow and ready to make babies.
Highlighted Angus GS genomic percentiles:  CED 3%, BW 20%, SC 4%, HP 30, Milk 20%, $W 20%, coupled with an array of respectable median numbers in key carcass and $Value traits
Performance Data:  BW:  63 lbs; WW:  576 (actual); Weight on 08/2018 (11mos):  800 lbs
Vaccines (incl. Brucellosis) & worming current; PI of BVD Negative

Great Meadows Fall Sale Consignments:

CSCF  No Reservations 023; AAA 19162227; DOB 07Oct17; V A R Reserve 1111 x ECA Lady Confidence

CSCF Black Stones 1211; AAA 19162258; DOB  09Oct17; Connealy Black Granite x Black Gold Rita 5078

CSCF Confidence H 2729 191; AAA 19170060; DOB 20Nov17, G A R Confidence H 2729 x SynGen MO Blackbird GA 4842

CSCF Prophet 161; AAA 19119592; DOB 19Sep17; G A R Prophet x Boyd Forever Lady 5162

CSCF Tool Time 141; AAA 19163009; DOB 10Oct17; PA Power Tool 9108 x Heritage Eisa Erica 47