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Beautiful AI-sired commercial replacement heifer.  Just as nice as the best registered heifers in the breed, this Connealy Capitalist 028 daughter has well-documented origins.  Her 2013 dam is sired by SAF 3048 Traveler W113 (AAA 16585011) from the Smithland Angus operation, over a Charolais/Angus cross dam from our friend Fred Thomas’ excellent commercial brood herd.

052’s jet-black dam often upstages many of our best purebred mamas when visitors see her out in the pasture.  The dam weighs a moderate 1,235 lbs on a 51” hip (Frame Score 5.0) and has great maternal instincts.  She efficiently produces lots of milk with an excellent udder and calm demeanor.  The heifer’s sire Capitalist 028 is one of Select Sires’ premier top-selling studs that produces calving ease progeny with mass and muscle.

052's Performance Data:  BW:  58 lbs, WW:  564, WH:  43”.  She gained 506 lbs between birth and weaning for a 2.39 lb average daily gain on mama’s milk and mixed grass pasture (no creep).  10/11/2018 weight:  788lbs; 45" Hip.

All vaccines (including two rounds of MLV & brucellosis) & worming current.  PI of BVD Negative.

Sells Open - Guaranteed breeder

FOR SALE!   At the Central Kentucky Angus Association 56th Annual Fall Female Sale - CKAA Pavilion - Danville, Kentucky - November 10, 2018:

CSCF Commercial Heifer 052

DOB 10/03/2017

Connealy Capitalist 028 x Registered Angus, Charolais/Angus cross

CKAA  Lot 101

Cool Springs Creek Farm - AI sired Registered Black Angus