Early October 2017

** Babies everywhere and more on the way!  Anyone in the cow/calf business knows how much of a chore calving season can be--but so rewarding too.

EIGHT bull calves, and four heifers:

- 65 lb G A R Prophet BC out of a MYTTY In Focus/Blackcap dam (#100)

- 69 lb Hoover Dam BC out of a 10X 7008/Total Direction dam (#90)

- 65 lb Connealy Capitalist 028 HC out of an EXAR Upshot/GAR Retail Product dam (#120)

- 54 lb G A R Prophet BC out of a 10X 7008/Boyd Forever Lady dam (#160)

- 95 lb Quaker Hill Rampage BC out of a C R A Bextor 872 5205 608/D/D Forever Lady dam (#60)

- 58 lb Connealy Capitalist 028 HC out of a SAF 3048 Traveler W133/commercial angus dam (#50)

- 55 lb V A R Reserve 1111 BC out of a Connealy Confidence/Miss ECA Bar Ext dam (#20)

- 63 lb Quaker Hill Rampage HC out of a V A R Index 3282/MCA Total Ten X dam (#91)

- 60 lb Connealy Black Granite BC out of a G A R Prophet/Black Gold Rita dam (#121)

- 78 lb PA Power Tool BC out of a Connealy Black Granite/Hedgewood Eisa Erica dam (#140)

- 60 lb Hoover Dam HC out of a Mtytty In Focus/McHenery Blackcap family dam (#10)

- 68 lb EXAR Denver H 5511 BC out of a G A R Prophet/Sydgen Blackbird dam (#190)

** Barn Raising.  We've been working on our new working facility barn doing our best to complete it before the fall AI breeding season starts.  Not as young and nimble as we used to be in our "fighting days" we contracted out the setting of the poles and roof construction.  The rest is on us.  Once finished it will provide shelter from the elements and all the amenities necessary to facilitate our AI program.

** New critters.  Yep, just what we "needed".  We recently brought home an 8-week old Rodiesian Ridgeback female pup, reportedly to give Jake company--but really to make us smile.  Jake and I finally convinced Aline that her addition was just what our farm family needed.  We call her Becky, and other aka's depending on her level of demeanor at any given moment.....

The second critter, is Leon the 8-year old Quarter Horse gelding.  His bloodline comes from cutting horse royalty, sired by none other than High Brow Cougar and out of Lena San Finale.  Only green broke, he's been on pasture for the last 6 years--I've been off a horse for only 40 years.... Hey! what's the problem--you see a problem????  Needless to say, we both have a ways to go.  Remember, cattle and Quarter Horses go together like "peas and carrots"!

 **SALES.  I guess to be good at this business ya gotta sell too, and as much as we like shopping and buying great cattle, it's really great fun to sell them too--albeit more work!  Please check out the "For Sale" portion of our webpage for our latest offerings both at consignment, and for private treaty sale.

​​Introducing:   CSCF Replicator 131;  AAA 18931360

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03 March 2018

Spring has sprung in Gradyville, KY..... thank goodness!!!

Since November we've been working to get all of our mama's bred--and boy, it has been a bit of a chore this year.  Two of our mamas just haven't been cycling noticeably.  We've done various protocols, have had the vet check them out, and still haven't gotten rock-solid evidence we're breeding them when they need to be.  Maybe, hopefully, we got them settled this time.

Our two remaining spring mamas calved during late February.  Both of these first-time mamas are lovely individuals from Tom McGinnis' Heritage Farm.  #170 is a V A R Index 3282 daughter and calved first giving us a sturdy 78lb HC by Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36.  The second birth was a 75lb V A R Reserve 1111 BC out of our Heritage Quaker Hill Rampage daughter #180.  You can read more on about these dams on the "Females" page.

We'll be in a buying mood March 31st at the Inaugural Heritage Farm Production sale--looking for one or two high quality fall-bred 2016 heifers.  We know Tom won't let us down with fine offerings--the trouble will be picking just one or two!

Look for our two 2017 spring open heifer consignments to the 28 April 2018 Great Meadows Angus Association sale at Reality Farms, Campbellsburg, KY.  These are some high-quality girls, and we're very proud to offer them.

With spring here and with a break in the weather allowing some new hay ground to dry, we'll be busy during  March spraying, fertilizing, and planting along with all of the rest of the tasks required by this charmed life we live raising beautiful black Angus cattle on our piece of paradise we call Cool Springs Creek Farm.

Guy & Aline

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CSCF Cattle:  Easy-keepin' Registered Angus

Babies, barns, quarter horses and hound dogs--life "don't" get much better than this!

03 December 2017

It’s been pretty busy since the last update in October.

Our fall calf crop resulted in nine bull calves and four heifers bringing the combined 2017 grand total to fifteen (9 bulls, and 6 heifers).  We’re working on locating some lease acres on which to wean and develop the passel of fall BC’s this coming spring.  This will be our biggest weanling crop of bulls to date and those boys will need the room to grow, and a place to stay out of trouble too!  Including the heifers, in total it’s a very nice calf crop; chock full of Angus blue blood, performance genetics and lovely phenotype—we’re exceedingly proud and excited to show them off.

During November we finalized our AI breeding plan and ordered our semen for next year’s crop.   As usual, we’ve used several bulls from the Angus top-25 list for registrations but have also included the use of a couple of newer young studs that we’re excited about.  Our fall 2018 stud line-up includes:

S A V Rainfall 6846, 18578963
Deer Valley Old Hickory; 17873666
J M B Traction 292; 17262374
PA Power Tool; 16381311
EXAR Denver 2002B; 17160560
Werner Flat Top 4136; 18094501
G A R Prophet; 16295688
Connealy Black Granite; 17028963
Connealy Capitalist 028; 16752262

We’ve updated our “Females" page to reflect new calving and breeding data.  Currently mustering 18 production females, we plan to add one or two 2016 fall-bred heifers to the group this coming spring.

Folks ask; “Why not just keep a couple of your own heifers?”  Seemingly logical on the surface, our prime objective though is to produce the very finest breeding stock we can for our customers.  By purchasing replacement heifers from trusted sources already bred like we like them; we not only support our fellow producers, we save time and resources, and most importantly, it enables us to offer all of our outstanding calves for sale.  Oh sure, it hurts to let some of them go—oh my…..; but the feeling of pride knowing folks are actively seeking out and valuing an animal we produced is worth every twinge of seller’s remorse!

Until next time, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Cool Springs Creek Farm!

Guy & Aline

March 2017 G A R Prophet son out of our Connealy Black Granite/Banner Rita dam.   WW 738, WH 45" no creep.  This guy has production superstar written all over him!