03 March 2018

Spring has sprung in Gradyville, KY..... thank goodness!!!

Since November we've been working to get all of our mama's bred--and boy, it has been a bit of a chore this year.  Two of our mamas just haven't been cycling noticeably.  We've done various protocols, have had the vet check them out, and still haven't gotten rock-solid evidence we're breeding them when they need to be.  Maybe, hopefully, we got them settled this time.

Our two remaining spring mamas calved during late February.  Both of these first-time mamas are lovely individuals from Tom McGinnis' Heritage Farm.  #170 is a V A R Index 3282 daughter and calved first giving us a sturdy 78lb HC by Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36.  The second birth was a 75lb V A R Reserve 1111 BC out of our Heritage Quaker Hill Rampage daughter #180.  You can read more on about these dams on the "Females" page.

We'll be in a buying mood March 31st at the Inaugural Heritage Farm Production sale--looking for one or two high quality fall-bred 2016 heifers.  We know Tom won't let us down with fine offerings--the trouble will be picking just one or two!

Look for our two 2017 spring open heifer consignments to the 28 April 2018 Great Meadows Angus Association sale at Reality Farms, Campbellsburg, KY.  These are some high-quality girls, and we're very proud to offer them.

With spring here and with a break in the weather allowing some new hay ground to dry, we'll be busy during  March spraying, fertilizing, and planting along with all of the rest of the tasks required by this charmed life we live raising beautiful black Angus cattle on our piece of paradise we call Cool Springs Creek Farm.

Guy & Aline

September 2018

It’s been a busy summer and early fall, as it has for everyone in our kind of business.  The hay barn is near capacity, the pastures fertilized in prep for fall/winter, and baby calves are showing up almost daily.

We’ve used a relatively wide spread of AI sires (as usual) for 2018 including several CSCF favorites like Prophet, Capitalist and Black Granite, but we've also added some new blood to the mix for this calf crop that we’re really excited about.  Sires like Old Hickory, Flat Top, Rainfall, Denver, and Traction are new additions to our bloodline.  They were selected with our customer base in mind and for their individual blends with our brood herd.

Speaking of our customers...

We virtually never retain the animals we produce, choosing instead to offer them to our customer base.  This allows us to consign our very best animals--as we’re on a quest to build a reputation of quality and unsurpassed integrity.  If we’ve trimmed a hoof, we’ll tell ya.  Has it been treated for pinkeye?—it’s in her record that we provide to all buyers.  Want to know mama’s history, we’ll provide that too.  We weigh all of our calves the day they are born with an actual real scale.  We take hip measurements and weights throughout development.  We PI, BSE and genomic test all calves sold in the seedstock market.  We castrate bull calves that don’t measure up, and individuals not meeting seedstock standards are sold on the pound market--no matter how much it hurts, financially or emotionally.

Speaking of only the best at CSCF, please look for our ads in the September and October issues of the Angus Journal and Cow Country News.  We have some really great offerings consigned to the October Great Meadows Angus Association Sale and the Central Kentucky Angus Association sale this November.  We also have some really nice 2017 yearling bulls for sale on the farm, all tested and guaranteed.

As we say down here in south central Kentucky; “Come go with us!”

Guy & Aline

09 October 2018

While we wait on the arrival of fall weather here in south central Kentucky, we've been working hard to get ready for the sale season.  We sold two really nice yearling bulls lately to a neighbor which makes us very happy!  While we want to sell our animals far and wide, it's really great when local producers begin to come to us for their seed-stock needs.

Please look over our consignments to the 27 October Great Meadows Angus Association sale and the 10 November Central Kentucky Angus Association Sale.  You will find details on these sales and our consignments under our For Sale Tab and on the Home page.

We attended the Solid Rock Angus Annual Production Sale this past 6th of October for the first time and came away with two really nice 2016 first-time cow-calf pair.  We'll highlight them with bios and pictures after the October sales crunch.  In the meantime they're settling into the CSCF routine while they "do their time" in our health quarantine program pending PI & genomic testing, immunizations, worming and general close observation before joining the brood herd.  They are nice and we're happy to have them--Good job SRA!

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CSCF Cattle:  Easy-keepin' Registered Angus

Dateline:  28 October 2018:

CSCF Replicator 131 AAA 18931360 tops the Great Meadows Angus Association Fall sale in a big way!!  Bidding on this outstanding G A R Prophet son was fast and furious as the ringmen yelped in the bids over Colonel Eddie Burks' rapid-fire song of the gavel.  Replicator entered the ring with quiet dignity, seeming to know he'd make us proud--and make us proud he did in a big way.  He's the good stuff, and while we're jazzed on the distinction he's earned, we already miss his presence here on the farm.  We'll just have to get busy and make ya'll some more!

Babies, barns, quarter horses and hound dogs--life "don't" get much better than this!